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MONEY ONLINE.                                       


Are you looking for a way, to make money online to add to your income ?.

You are in the right place .You can learn how to make money using these methods.

The are several site out there that you can make money online but I will list the few  i  know and have tested my self.

These site   would add money to your income but they are not get rich quick site where by you can become a millionaire over night.

If you are not in Europe then scroll down because you would hardly recieve any survey if you are not in Europe.


 1)Do online Surveys,  to earn rewards and income.Doing online survey can earn you more than 100$ every month depending on the number of minute you sacrifice.

These can be possible if you are in Europe.

These site claim you can make 14$ in a day and that is a fact and truth.Here are legitimate online survey site.Try it out ! .    
                                                                             CLIXSENSE. now known as Ysense

 Clixsense  or ysense is an international  survey site that pays cash and rewards.It's  supports  several payment method such as paypal,skrill and amazon gift card.

The website does not only focus   on survey but they offer cash offers where by you can test product and services,download apps, signing  up for websites and watching videos .Doing all these  you would get payed.

The best part is you gain money and gifts card for buying product or services you are already familiar with.

ysense  also have figure eight task where you can earn some extra cash including a referal program where by your specific link is given and you can use it to refer friend and family members and you would receive commission per referral there by adding up to your  income.

if you have friend on Facebook or on any social  medias site, you can let them know and they can sign up using your referral link.These is what is ment by referral program.

It also has 100$ weekly  contest

where you can  participate and earn money.The first price ranges from 50$ per week for the first price and a  additional bonus of 5$ when you win the first price and an additional  50$ is distributed among the 10 contestor  20$ for second place and and rest for others. 
Ysense sign up and state making money                                                                             


Swagbuck is a survey site that pays SB which is a form of money used in the platform which can be redeemed for real cash  or Amazon gift card and you can catch out your money.

It also have a referral program which you would receive a commission  100SB which is equivalent too 1$ for each person you refer  and if the person add  or install a swag button  which is a browser add to a home screen or you can use your referral link  where by you  will receive 10% for life when your referral is active.

These site is legite but I would not recommende it if you are from Africa or India since the payment method is paypal and Amazon gift card.


                 Rewardingways  is an international survey support payment method such payoner,skrill,PayPal.bitcion ,amazon gift also has 1000$ weekly contest. You can make money in your spare time.

It also support referral programs and you can earn daily especially if you are in Europe.  
Sign in rewardingways .   



    Offernation  is an International survey site.Also have 100$ weekly contest with payment method such as Bitcoin,skrill ,amazon,paypal.


Make money with picoworker

Here are the micro job site that accept  worker world wide even from Africa and India and they pay real money I have tested it my self and here is my earning in my spare time.

You can make more than 20$ dollar a day on these site.Here is how  it are given  a list of job which you can complete within a couple of 2 to 3  minute and no certificate required.

These is an example of a list of job of job on a micro site called picoworker

You can also be an employer and asign jobs like written an articles or create a video e.t.c  with a little amount of expenditure. Learn more about picoworker

Make money on is a micro job site that you can make money the jobs there are easy to do.The best thing about  these website is it support several  payment method such as paypal, bitcoin western union skrill and perfect money.The website also have refferal program and the website as not been for long .

Sing up on

Another micro job site is you can make money on these website you can check these site if it suites your standard.The payment methods are PayPal and payza  .you can sign up here

Other ways to make money online.

Make money online selling product.

You can sale product online and make money through affiliated marketing where you promotes other peoples  or company product and make money out of it.You can state a blog or a website

for free and write on something you have passion about or what you know be it on house hold equipment, books,games, travel, hot trends just to name a few niches.


you can under go some course and training  on  how  to set up a website and become an affiliated marketer.

one of the best website for these is 
Wealthy affiliate  the plateform is easy to use and they will teach you every thing on how to state a website and setup affiliated  marketing.You can setup a website directly from the platform and you can ask  one on one quations with the founders of the

Platform who are expert in these field.

You can state with a free account and follow the course on how to setup a website and if you are pleased with the training you can go in for a premium account or if you are not pleased you can back down. But the website is good for beginers .

You may also state a free website on your own if you have little or no programing language with a little bit of online research and patience you could run your own blog.Remember the key is patience.You don't need to be a genius to do these and every person has a piece of information he can share and you might be having some information in you that could be a life changer to other people .

These are some free hosting site., but your free blog or website will have the hosting site name.For instance if you have a blog by name travelminds on then your blog will be by name until you decide to go for a payed domain name which would be

Make money online selling your old stuffs and product on Craigslist.

You can sale your old stuff online or promote  and sale your product on Craigslist like cloth you no longer need, cars, bicycle or any thing valuable the are buyer who will make your trash treasure.

All you need is to choose your location and fill in your details.

Make money  written on text broker if you are a U.S citizens.

you can also make money online written on a website called text broker.Text broker is the middle man between the client and worker.Client around the world submit head line and direction for an article and as a worker you can browse among the submitted task and choose you own topic to write on.And when you submits the article Text broker takes part of the money and give you the rest.

The site exist since 2008 and is a good site to earn extra income online. You can work on these platform so long as you know how to write.

The plate form as five stages that pays differently and you can be upgraded as you written skills improve.

Unfortunately, they accept only U.S worker and they pay through PayPal every Friday.

You can sign up  if you are based in US.Text

Make money online as a freelancer.

Freelancer are online workers that do job on the internet  for other people usually digital services.

Though you must not necessarily work online, but you can submit your skills on the internet with the  price  and your location and people interested will contact you .submit your job details on instance you can become and online tuitor .

You can also work as a freelancer if you have good written skills  one of the best platform is

You can also work on these platform if you have skills like

  • Graphics design.

  • Logo design.

  • Web programing.

  •   Degital marketing.

  • Video and animation.

  • Translation.

  • Music and audio.

  • Business.

  • Life style.

Under life style you can do a variety of job like be an online tuitor, be a relationship advicer e.t.c.The jobs are to broad for me to explains check site for your self.

You would see the job that best suit you.

The payment method of fiverr are bank account transfer ,PayPal



You could also make money on your blog or website through adscenes which is a form of advertisements display on  website  in the form of graphics and when some one click on it you would payed  from 0.2$ to 10$ and best is Google adscenes.

These is called ppc (pay per click) in addition with affiliated marketing on thesame  website  could have a full time income.But the problems is the amount of  traffic or visitors that come in your website.more traffic means more money.

Make money clicking advert

You can also make money without a website with ppc  site.The are several payed per click site that would pay you to visits sites and payment varies.All other ppc sites will pay 0.001$ to which is not equivalent to a cent  that means you will have to reach 0.1000  to reach 1$.

The best payed to click site is they pay o.1 cent per clicks that means you have to click 100site to have 1$.

Even though I don't have a good internet connection I am able to click 10 advert within a minute.

Don't be scared  all you need is a fast internet and you are ready to go.It is easy than you think it would not take you up to an hour to click on 500site if you have fast internet connection.

The website has 3 account stages .A silver account, Golden account and platinum account.

For a silver account which is a free account you would make from 0.6$ to 0.11$ a day silver account is like burden .

You would need to pay a fee of 19.95$ to upgrade to golden account and you can make 5.50$ to  8.50$ in a day you would recover your money back within weeks

If you decide to upgrade on platinum account you would need to pay

49.95$ in other to upgrade. Click using platinum  account varies  0.1$ to 0.2$ cent. These website is legite and the best among all ppc site. If you don't believe me  check other ppc site they are complete waste of time as I made mentioned can sign up here


You can make more than 200$  a month on STARCLICK.

Learn more about starclick

Match beting has risk and if you don't have  passion for any sport then don't go in for match beting.

    You can also make money through sport betting. After you have made money through survey, micro job site or any extra income, you  can remove 10$ or 15$  to bet on one of you favourite sport be it football, basket ball, gulf, cricket and wrestle etc .

You have the possibility to win   100$ or more if you predict the outcome of 4 to 5 selected match.

All you need to do is to select the the team that would win or thraw.That is 1X2. If you choose 1 for the home team to win, if you choose X for draw, if you choose 2 for away team to win.

For instance i am a football fan, let me say ''the is a football match Chelsea VS Mancity,   only three outcome is posible chelsea win and manchester lose   then 1X2 select 1 for chelsea wins. If you predict that mancity wins 1X2 select 2 for mancity if you predict a draw then 1X2 select X for draw that is it you are ready to go''.Here are legite sport betting site  like Betway & xbet.

You can also make money online using market analysis skills.You can buy and sell currencies to gain income on 
Forex or fbs  but these contains risk and you may lose money but not to worry you will under go some free training and they will provide you with a demo account where you will test your skills  with  virtual money and a real market data until you know you're ready.

ese is how it works if you predict that a currency like $ will rise over euro  and you prediction is correct, you will make profits but if you are wrong money will be deducted as it depend on the exchange rate of both money.

Several factors affect the fluctuations of  currency.please carry out research before engaging on forex real account.

forex has several advantages to explore like i  love to say check for yourself and if you are not interested backdown.

See for yourself  
Forex .com.

Please if you have any suggestions  leave a comment.I  hope the article was helpful.

MONEY ONLINE.                                       




  1. Do the site accept people world wide and several payment method.

  2. Nice article , I have two income source where you can earn from home , the one is JAAlifestyle and second is Leadsark.


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