picoworkers review legit or scam earning micro job sites


Do people make money on PICOWORKER. 

YES YOU CAN EARN MONEY ON PICOWORKER BUT NOT A FULL TIME INCOME. You can earn 2 cents , 20 cents, and long term  job pay up  to $15 per task.so at list you can earn though not a full time income. The maximum amount of money that you should expect per month once you perform the tasks accurately and consistently is between $30 and $50.

Is picoworker legit.

Picoworkers is a legit micro-task site that pays you for doing small jobs or tasks. The are plenty of jobs on a daily basis and the have been many positive review of people earning money on the plateform.


PICOWORKER.com is an online site that enable micro_jobs to be done providing a plateform for employer who want online job to be done for them and employment for those who want to earn some cash online. Both peoples who have certificate and none certificate can become workers on picoworker  .

 picoworkers Alternative. 

The are several alternative than picoworkers and one of the best Is ptc site that is "paid to click sites".

You are required to click on links advertising website to earn money and  one of the best ptc is Star-clicks.com ptc money earning sites.

It less time consuming as compared to picoworkers.

The is three membership level silver, gold and platinum membership level to upgrade to.

The amount you earn depends on your membership level.

What you can do on picoworkers as an employer 

You  can asign people to test a product be it apps, websites or any degital product.

if you just stated a youtube channel you can as worker to watch and give you feedback about what they disliked or liked about the video.

Or even share your video for advert purposes.

You can ask workers to advertise or share your product to friends or folks on social medias.

You can asign workers to carry out research on a particular country  of interest  base on their location.

You can recommend a site and ask workers to sign up.

The are numerous things you can do with picoworkers which I cannot state them all.

Sign up and make money online

You can make money online with picoworker using any device .

There are several site that claims  that you can make money online but it is just a claim .When i was surfing the web just like many people  looking for site to make extra money online i came accross picoworker.com


These site has been around since 2013. They actually pay money and accept workers world wide. 

HOw  can navigate on the platform.

PICOWORKER is easy  to navigate  and understand.A  list of job would be displayed on a page  called "small jobs" and you will choose the job that suits you.Here is the screen shot of available jobs on PICOWORKER.

Most of the job can take one to two minute to be done and you would need to submite proof that you have done the job.

They usually demand proof of url  or screen shot and your sube account called "small on the way" would be credited with amount for the employer to verify  and the money would credited to your main account.

If the employer does not verify within a week your money would still be credited to your main account.

You can be a worker and employer at thesame time BECOME AN EMPLOYER ON PICOWORKER or make money on these platform.Sign up and get online job done for you faster with more 1000 worker

HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE A DAY ON                             PICOWORKER .

           It all depends on you how much you want to earn a  day online and it depends on the number of job posted on your list but you can be sure to make more than  3$ depending on the number of hours your sacrifice and the type of micro task you take.


Above is the screen shot of my account I made a few hour to show as proof .How much you can make a day depend on you and your time schedule.

I have tested these  site  myself and they pay your money without complication so these site is good for all countries you can sign up and state making money within minute.

One of the aspect people usually consider are the payment methods but don't worry.

TO withraw your money you will to take a snapshot of your id or any document that carry your real name for verification. make sure you sign up with your real name or you can change your name when you log in your profile.Do not try to spam the website or provide fake proof.Only one account is accepted per user and if picoworker suspected you account it would be closed and your money would be lost.

 picoworker also support referal program which you would recieve a commision if you refer some on now you know sign up and spread the words

Picoworkers payment method to withdraw or deposit money 

Picoworkers offers several payout options. You can get paid via PayPal, master cards Cryptocurrency, or Skrill  which is avialable for all countries so withrawal is not a problem no matter your location.



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